Welcome to the Bachelor of Science Academic Advising Program

Through the BSc Academic Advising Program, all 2nd year BSc students can be mentored by an academic from within the Faculty of Science. Your mentor will offer advice and support as you navigate through the BSc and make decisions about your future both academically and professionally.


This program is only available to students at the 2nd year of the BSc. This is categorised as any student enrolled in the BSc who has completed more than 50 and less than 200 credits towards the degree.

Mentors are available from Biosciences, Chemistry, Mathematics and Statistics, Earth Sciences, Geography, Physics and Ecosystem and Forest Science.


Applications open: Monday 20th January

Applications close: Monday 24th February

To submit your application, click 'University Sign In' at the top of the page and log in with your student login details. 

Once logged in, navigate to the ‘Student/Academic Allocations’ page and click the green ‘+ Join’ button on the ‘2020 Faculty of Science Academic Advising Program’ ribbon. This will automatically register your interest and allocate the mentee registration form to your Sonia portal.

Next, click the 'Forms' tab. You should see the BSc Academic Advising Program – Mentee (Student) Application form, which you can then edit and proceed to submit your application.

Finally, once you have submitted your application, navigate to the ‘My details’ tab. From there you should select up to 4 scientific disciplines areas. You should indicate which of these four is your preferred discipline. This will inform the matching process. 

Please note, we will attempt to match mentees (students) with an academic mentor from their preferred discipline. However, this is not guaranteed. Where we are unable to match students with an academic mentor from their preferred discipline we will match based upon the mentee’s (student’s) other selected discipline areas.  

For any questions, please contact the Science Mentoring team at: