Dear MD3 Students,

Welcome to the MDRP Project Database.

This database contains a description of all MDRP projects available for the 2019/20 cycle of MDRP. ALL projects listed are available to ALL students.
The database can be searched by supervisor name, project location, project type and project keywords. Details on how to search the database and enter project preferences can be found in the instructions attached top right of the screen.

For projects you are interested in, you are strongly encouraged to contact supervisors to find out more about the project. Most supervisors will NOT consider offering you a project if you haven’t made contact with them.

Other important things to remember:


·         Preference selection closes at 5PM SHARP on Monday 29th April

·         The database will be updated regularly so make sure you check back to ensure you don’t miss seeing projects of interest (you will be advised when updates occur via email and MDConnect message)

·         A minimum of six (6) preferences must be entered. If you do not enter a minimum of six (6) preferences, then distribution of your preferences will be withheld until you do.

·         The maximum number of preferences you can enter is 12, although this is not compulsory as long as you enter a minimum of 6.

·         No preferences are distributed until after the selection period closes.

·         No extensions to the preference selection period will be granted.

·         Make sure that you SAVE your preferences when you enter them or change their rank order. Your preference list is submitted automatically upon clicking the 'Save' button (i.e. there is no ‘submit’ button).

·         No changes to preference rank-order can be made after closure date. As selection of projects is based on a student initiated rank-order preference, no appeals to project allocation will be accepted or considered.

·         Project allocation depends upon a student selecting a project in their preference list and the supervisor confirming acceptance. No other form of project allocation will be accepted – a verbal agreement with a supervisor does not mean you are automatically allocated to a project.

·         Do not contact supervisors after preference selection to find out the whether you have been allocated to a project. Preference allocation will be confirmed by the MDRP team via SONIA. You can continue to contact supervisors during the preference selection period to discuss the projects being offered.

·         If your preference list is exhausted and you haven’t been allocated to a project, the MDRP team will contact you to discuss.

·         The preference allocation process may take between 4-6 weeks to complete.


If you have any queries please contact the MDRP team –

Kind regards,

Dr Kesha Rana
on behalf of the MDRP team